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A Glossary of Literary Terms

A Glossary of Literary Terms
Author(s) : M.H. Abrams, Geoffrey Harpham
Publisher : Wadsworth
Pub. Date : Feb 2011
Edition : 10th
Format : Softcover
ISBN-10 : 0495898023
ISBN-13 : 9780495898023
IE ISBN : 049590659X / 9780495906599
Subject(s) : Education / Reference
First published fifty years ago, A GLOSSARY OF LITERARY TERMS remains an essential text for all serious students of literature. Now fully updated to reflect the latest scholarship on recent and rapidly evolving critical theories, the tenth edition contains a complete glossary of essential literary terms presented as a series of engaging essays that explore the terms, place them in context, and suggest related entries and additional reading. This indispensable, authoritative, and highly affordable reference covers terms useful in discussing literature and literary history, theory, and criticism. Perfect as a core text for introductory literary theory or as a supplement to any literature course, this classic work is an invaluable reference that students can continue to use throughout their academic and professional careers.

This is a brand new International Edition. The cover may look different but the book content (in english) is the same with US Hardcover. Printed in original color on high quality paper. Everything is identical to US Edition.

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