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Abnormal Psychology

Abnormal Psychology
Author(s) : Ann M. Kring, Gerald C. Davison, John M. Neale, Sheri L. Johnson
Publisher : Wiley
Pub. Date : Feb 2006
Edition : 10th
Format : Hardcover
ISBN-10 : 0471692387
ISBN-13 : 9780471692386
IE ISBN : 0471692387 / 9780471692386
Subject(s) : Psychology
Kring, Davison, Neale, and Johnson’s "Abnormal Psychology" sets the standard for clarity, cutting edge coverage, authoritative content, and clinical emphasis. The authors invite students to examine the many different facets of psychopathology to search for clues, follow up on hunches, and evaluate evidence on the origins of these disorders and the effectiveness of specific interventions. Now in their new 10th Edition, the authors have also greatly expanded the text s pedagogical features, making it even more student friendly, engaging, and informative. "Current trends in the field are well reflected with the sections on genetics, neuroscience, and cognitive science." - Jack Nitschke,University of Wisconsin. "I was particularly impressed by the skill with which the authors were able to discuss complex material in a clear fashion." - Janice Kiecolt Glaser, Ohio State University. WileyPLUS helps students reach their full potential. WileyPLUS provides everything needed to create an environment where students can reach their full potential and experience the exhilaration of academic success. With WileyPLUS, students can: access a complete online version of the text with hyperlinks that extend content; come to class better prepared for lectures; receive immediate feedback and context sensitive help on assignments and quizzes. With WileyPLUS, professors can: assign automatically graded homework and quizzes; track students progress through the course; and, administer their course, even with existing course management systems (including WebCT and Blackboard).

This is a brand new International Edition. The cover may look different but the book content (in english) is the same with US Hardcover. Printed in original color on high quality paper. Everything is identical to US Edition.

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